Top 10 ways to keep your kid busy in half term, for free! Courtesy of Moon Bingo!

April 11, 2012 |

You’ve eaten enough Easter Eggs to make you fit to pop, and the rainy British weather is making it hard to fill those last few days of half-term.

Never fear, Moon Bingo is here, with 10 free ways to keep your kids entertained until you can send em back to school!

1) Free museums- it might be too rainy for parks, but most big cities have free museums with great things to do for kids. In London we love the Science Museum, with a whole floor of toddler activities, and the National History Museum, but most big cities have free entrance to a museum or two with things for kids to do for free.

2) Head to the library- Most local libraries, like in Manchester, have events on for kids. Going to the library is a great day out, because the books will keep your kids busy for the next day too!

free kids days out in the UK

enjoy a great day at the library

3) Get crafty with cereal- Make Cheerios jewellery by threading cereal onto a ribbon or thread, then use the boxes to build houses and cities. Hours of creative fun!

4) Get busy in the kitchen. Chocolate crispies, easy biscuits and cakes are all fab to make, and eat together. Check out our easy pancake recipes or hot chocolate cake in a mug for yummy family treats! You can melt Easter eggs to make yummy choc based treats…mmmmmmmmmmm

easy family recipes

thanks Moon Bingo! nom nom nom!

5) Make your home into a cinema. This is perfect on a rainy day- pick a family friendly film, close the curtains and make a big batch of popcorn.

6) Get out those board games- Snakes and ladders or Monopoly, whatever your favourite, there’s no more perfect time to play. Hot chocolate and marshmallows are an additional treat!

7) Scavenger hunt in your local shopping centre. Split the family into two teams, with one adult per group, and give a list of 10 things to go and find. The first team to get all ten works. This is also great for bored teens!

8) Arts and crafts. Print out some colouring pics, get glitter, old magazines and pens and start to decorate!

9) Have a dance party- you don’t need a Wii Fit to get moving on a rainy day! Appoint the oldest kid as the DJ, or let them take it in turns, and you have to dance until the music stops.

10) Make a scrapbook. Go through old family photos and make new albums, complete with little notes and keepsakes.

How do you keep the kids entertained for free during half term! Write in the comments below!

Enjoy your last few days of Easter half-term, and don’t forget to pop over to Moon Bingo for some fab bingo and slots Easter fun!

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